The Future of Collision Repair is Near, is Your Shop Ready?

   The entire automotive industry can all agree that today’s vehicles are astronomically more complex than their counterparts just 10 years ago. With lane departure, pre-collision, and back up sensors currently being diagnosed and repaired improperly already, the industry is in for a rude awakening as manufacturers push towards fully autonomous capabilities. Not to mention, the increase costs to repair these systems have insurance carriers on edge and preparing for the future, realizing a greater percentage of vehicles will begin to total sooner even with less severe impacts. The leadership team at Original One Parts™ (O1P) has recognized the impending trend and is currently making efforts to position themselves, and their partners for success as we move towards this automotive revolution.

   Original One Parts™ has gained industry traction nationwide as being known for providing 100% Certified Original™ parts that are guaranteed to have perfect form, fit and function. By putting every part through an extensive VINtegrity™ certification process, we utilize strict engineering control plans and processes to test each and every part. This, combined with a proprietary VIN-to-VIN matching, the team at O1P can deliver the right part, the first time, every time. This drastically helps to reduce cycle time and claim severity, while keeping technicians, insurance partners, and most importantly, vehicle owners happy!

   O1P stresses that collision centers across the country start paying very close attention to their DRP’s specific part protocols as they are “living” policies that are beginning to change more often. We find that many of the changes are to benefit the shop in providing more alternatives with better quality and consistency than are currently available. For example, O1P is currently partnered and working with the leading Insurance Carriers, Collision Centers and training organizations to provide an alternative option for the new complex electrical parts such as cruise control radars, lane departure sensors and newer technologies that are starting to become more prevalent in the industry. By providing a more cost-effective alternative, more owners can stay in their vehicles and brand of vehicle, more technicians can repair vehicles with the parts engineered for the car and more painters can paint vehicles, while keeping insurance costs low.

   The engineering team at O1P has developed extensive testing for each of their electrical parts to certify each part’s specific functionality. Many carriers have already adapted their part protocols in order to allow their collision partners to take advantage of such a high-quality part. The team at O1P then takes it one step further, offering next day shipping nationwide to help reduce cycle time.

   Original One Parts™ is also trying to emphasize the importance of training and continuing education for not only technicians, but every position in the collision center. By supporting organizations like CREF to increase the number of young adults entering the industry and organizations like I-CAR to promote personal certifications and education, we hope to make a significant impact on the overall quality of the repair.