Be Found! Get more customers with Google My Business


Being Found
One of the most important aspects of a small business is getting found by new customers. If customers cannot find you, then you will not have any new clients use your services or purchase your products.


Google My Business
Formerly Google+, Google My Business gives your business a powerful way to be found. Google My Business features a built in profile that appears to the right of a user’s search results and shows the following information:

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Business telephone number
  • Business logo
  • Photographs of your business
  • One-click direction, call and website buttons
  • Popular times
  • Hours of operation
  • Reviews

All of the above information is tracked by Google using their analytics and gives the business an accurate pulse on how often customers are looking for them. Without this profile, a business is severely hampering its growth.

Steps to Set Up Google My Business:

  • Visit and click “Get on Google”.
  • Select or create the Google account you want to use and sign in.
  • Search for your business in the prompted area by name and address.

Google requires that you have a google email address and a brick and mortar business location. If you do not have one that is fine, there are many options out there.

You can locate a Post Office Box that does not use a “P.O. Box” in its address or you can see if a local office building in your area has a virtual tenant program. Google does not approve businesses for Google My Business profiles that use a P.O. Box in their address.

Getting your Google My Business Account:

Once on the Google My Business Page, select “Start Now” at the top right hand corner.
Once all of your business information is filled in, press “Continue” wherein you will be prompted to verify your business information.

Google will then create your Google My Business profile and account. Once that is done, you will be asked to verify the address of your business so that they can send you the verification postcard.

You can verify later if you like, but it is best if available to verify your business as soon as possible because it will take a few business days (and you may need to submit for verification again in some cases) to complete.

After you verify your business address for the postcard, you can now access your Google My Business dashboard.

From the “Home” section of your dashboard, you can add your company logo, company photographs, edit your company info, as well as give you the ability to analyze insights for your business and look at customer reviews (once your business profile is verified).

Google has done many studies on these profiles and the people who are searching for your business have a higher chance of clicking on your website or calling your business if you have the logo and photographs of your company on your profile.

OK, I am all set up, now what?

Now that you have your Google My Business profile up and running, you are one step closer to customers finding your business. Begin asking for reviews from your clients. Not all at once, but have a goal for you and your staff to get between 4-5 a week. Make a game out of it or reward your employees for spreading the word and getting reviews.

Consistent reviews are a great way for your organic SEO to begin to raise and with the consistent reviews, you will have proactive responses to both good and bad reviews.

*See our video about Google My Business

Start using this FREE tool today! Just 15 minutes of time required to get set up.

Start using this FREE tool today! Just 15 minutes of time required to get set up.