For Wade Hilburn, co-founder and President of Original One Parts™, his passion and dedication has always been driven by one thing – putting the customer first.

“Everything I do is about the customer. Always. 100%”

Wade took notice that many customers were often having a hard time meeting their expectations or value when purchasing auto parts. New parts could be too costly. Aftermarket parts could be of lower quality. And purchasing through a salvage yard often resulted in parts that didn’t necessarily look the best or weren’t always guaranteed to be the right part. It was here that Wade noticed an opportunity to meet his customers’ expectations and provide them a value.

“Putting a product through a process that always guarantees a consistent result is the key.”

The idea of Original One Parts™ was born. A company that could tap into a vast network of recyclers to find and harvest original parts and then utilize strict engineering plans and innovative testing methods to ensure its form, fit and function. The result? A 100% certified original part, 100% matched by VIN that can provide value to mechanics, insurance representatives and car owners alike.

“There’s no question what’s coming in the box. It’s going to look the same. It’s going to perform the same.”

Over the next few years, Wade formed his leadership team, combining the best and brightest minds in systems operations, engineering and manufacturing to ensure that this process – dubbed VINtegrity™ – would be successful. It started with tow hitches and has now grown to parts spanning several categories – mechanical, electrical, appearance and more.

Wade agrees that the people who make up the Original One Parts™ family, and their combined work ethic, have made all the difference.

We absolutely believe that we’re helping people. We’re delivering on a promise to a group of people who desire a good experience.”